This year has been…quite the experience. Putting aside things like the global pandemic, the tropical storm that just took down half the trees in my neighborhood and other things that are too big for me to tackle in my current state of anxiety, one really good thing did happen to me over the last twelve months:

I SOLD MY FIRST ADULT CONTEMPORARY NOVEL! (Well, my first two, actually, as it was a two-book deal.)

Considering that I’ve been writing for 22 years and have publisher juvenile fiction exclusively, and considering that I had a website to match, I thought it was time for an overhaul. I wanted something more sophisticated, but still pretty and something that would read the slightest bit mysterious and haunting . . . because my stories are the slightest bit mysterious and haunting. I think my web designer totally pulled it off, and managed to make the whole thing my favorite color as well. MAGIC!

I hope you like it and I hope you’ll come back often. Keep an eye out for the yet-to-be-titled novel coming your way next spring, when hopefully I’ll also be coming to a bookstore near you!